How To... Become a Pennsylvania Title Insurance Agent    

Becoming a licensed title insurance agent in Pennsylvania is as easy as One, Two Three...


One - Learn the Fundamentals

You need in-depth, Pennsylvania-specific reference materials in order to immerse yourself in the knowledge required for your chosen profession. Fundamentals of Real Estate and Title Insurance is an accredited, self-study curriculum that is the gold-standard reference material that leading title insurance professionals in Pennsylvania have on their bookshelves.  Since 1978 the Fundamentals course has been the first source of core title knowledge for those new to the industry as well as for seasoned title professionals. Click here for more information.


Two - Prepare for the Licensing Exam

Prepare for the licensing exam by taking PLTI's Title Insurance Guidelines course, specifically designed to assist you in taking and passing the licensing exam. This course explores the core knowledge and topics covered in the licensing exam and is organized to follow the test outline published in the state licensing bulletin.  Interactive quizzes keep you on track to pass the test.  Learn more here.


You should also consider membership in the Pennsylvania Land Title Association - PLTA.   PLTA members receive significant discounts on both the Fundamentals and Guidelines courses.  Click here to learn more or call PLTA at 800-545-7584.


Three - Take the Test

To become a licensed Pennsylvania title agent the Pennsylvania Insurance Department requires that you take and pass the Pennsylvania title agent's licensing exam. You can register for the test online at PSI Online.   Exam sites are located throughout the state, and can be found at PSI Online


Four - Receive your License

Once you pass the title agent licensing test, you will receive a certificate which you can take to one or more title underwriters to sponsor you as its agent.  The certificate is good for one year from the date you pass the exam.  After passing your exam, you may apply to receive your license.  The Pennsylvania Insurance Department website outlines the title insurance producer license application instructions detailing the licensing process and links to downloadable forms. 


Five - Get Credits You've Already Earned

If you prepared using the Fundamentals and Guidelines courses, you are eligible for CE Credit.  The state has a continuing education (CE) requirement of 24 credit hours for non-attorney agents and 3 credit hours for licensed attorneys (who must also be compliant with their continuing legal education requirement).  You can get these credits from having taken the Fundamentals or Guidelines courses, or through PLTI live (See upcoming programs on our Calendar) or online (Visit PLTIOnline) programs.


*Please note: YOU CANNOT RECEIVE CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS AS A TITLE AGENT UNLESS YOU ARE LICENSED IN PENNSYLVANIA AS A TITLE AGENT.  You can always take seminars that interest you, however, whether you are licensed or not, in order to keep up with the frequent changes in laws and procedures in title.  Whatever courses you take after you become licensed will count toward your continuing education requirement.