About Continuing Eduction and CE Credits

After you receive your license, Pennsylvania requires 24 credit hours of continuing education (CE) for non-attorney title agents and 3 credit hours for licensed attorneys (who must also be compliant with their continuing legal education requirement).  The CE requirement must be fulfilled every two years.  To comply with the CE requirement in Pennsylvania, you can attend any of PLTI's programs and apply to receive credit.


You must be licensed to receive credits

Please note: YOU CANNOT RECEIVE CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS AS A TITLE AGENT UNLESS YOU ARE LICENSED IN PENNSYLVANIA AS A TITLE AGENT.  You can take seminars that interest you whether you are licensed or not, to keep up with the frequent changes in laws and procedures in title practice.  Only the courses you take after becoming licensed will count toward your continuing education requirement.


Check your credits online

Vertafore has acquired SIRCON. Their software manages the CE credit program for the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. Use Vertafore to change your address, apply for a new license or renew an existing license. Visit Vertafore online or call them at 517-381-3860 if you have questions about how to check your CE credits online.  Contact Prometric to resolve credit discrepancies on your transcript. 




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